Reinstalled XAMPP and lost all MySQL databases

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Reinstalled XAMPP and lost all MySQL databases

Postby jcfrog » 15. May 2007 21:01

Hi! i have a really big problem :cry: , and it was a big mistake on my part, I was having problems with the Apache service, so I reinstalled XAMPP for windows , but i didnt realize that MySQL was going to restart completely, I cant see my databases, and I dont have the users. Is there anyway to recover my Databases? I can see some files in the DATA directory with the names of my schemas, but i dont think i can do something with them, or yes? Please help me! I have very important info there, Thanks! :shock:
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Postby sari42 » 16. May 2007 23:18

mysql (myisam) databases are just folders containing the tables, each table comprising three files:
tablename.MYD (data)
tablename.frm (structure)
tablename.MYI (indices)

every triple in your datadir should show up in your new mysql installation "automagically" ( if you login as superuser "root" or equivalent ;)

if only .MYD and .frm are there you got a chance to run myisamchk /pathTo/tablename

or just import your backup ( SCNR ;)
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