mysqld-nt uses 100% CPU

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mysqld-nt uses 100% CPU

Postby BoBo_FMB » 03. March 2006 09:53

Hi all,

I have a "server" that's running XAMPP and is also used to share our cable connection. Before I ran XAMPP, I used WAMP.

The problem is that after a while, the mysqld-nt process starts taking 95 to 100% of the servers CPU and it slows down everything, including the internet access.

I've downloaded the latest version of MySQL and installed it. It gave me options to set max connections and the type of server it would run as, but still the problem is there.

I know that the queries I run are very big, I have tables that are over 80Mb with 3,092,680 records and growing 4k records a day.

How can I reduce the available CPU usage to the mysqld-nt process so it never used say more then 50%?

I've already set the priority to be lower then normal in the XP Pro task manager, but that doens't help.

Anyone ???
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