MDB 10 error with NOT NULL columns

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MDB 10 error with NOT NULL columns

Postby _paddy » 11. June 2022 06:31

I'm moving my MariaDB dbs from a server with MDB5.5 to a different one with MDB10. I just created a mysqldump of all dbs from MDB5.5 and then input them on the new server to MDB10.

A lot of my table columns have NOT NULL set even though they are somethimes left empty which (while maybe a design flaw) hasn't been a problem in the mysql and MariaDB versions I've used over the past 20 years. However I'm now getting fatal errors with inserts where those columns are left empty. Short of manually correcting 100's of table definitions or many 100's of INSERT/UPDATE statements is there a workaround such as any global setting in MDB10 to turn off that reqiurement? Or if I were to upgrade the old server to MDB10 before the mysqldump would that correct them. FWIW many of those columns are TEXT of some sort so they don't accept DEFAULT in the column definition.


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