Looking for php based CMS

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Looking for php based CMS

Postby bas456 » 12. December 2004 13:15

for a simple website (for a primary school) I am looking for a very basic and simple content managing system. It should be possible to have user accounts, a search enigine on the website, a guestbook and thats about all. It should be preferably PHP based since I know a bit php.
I am not looking for typo3 or mambo or other large CMS systems, just simple and small.
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Postby borschtel1 » 13. December 2004 11:49

Just do a search on google for "cms php" and you will find:
http://www.thefreecountry.com/php/conte ... ment.shtml
and many more.

http://www.logospiel.de - Das Spiel mit den Logos
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Postby Hakeem1 » 16. February 2005 20:34

Here a few more Links in case you haven´t decided yet.
Some Sites may be in german.

www.opensourcecms.com --> Here you can test/tryout some CMS-Systems
www.contentmanager.de --> Overview on CMS-Products
http://de.groups.yahoo.com/group/small-cms/links --> Links to CMS for small Sites
www.cmsmatrix.org --> Compares functions of several CMS in order to find what you need.


-- All links and infos were taken from c´t Magazin 26-2004 p. 248 --
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