Looking for a search script

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Looking for a search script

Postby bas456 » 30. November 2004 14:01

Here I am running xampplite. Now I have built a website and I want a search engine on my website.

Can anyone recommend me a search engine written in PHP that I can run on xampplite? I tried the search engine "free find", but it won't support php included pages (it opens in a new window instead of within an included page).

All tips are welcome.
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Postby borschtel1 » 01. December 2004 17:04


try phpdig (http://www.phpdig.net/) it is written in php, but i recommend you htdig (http://www.htdig.org/). it is written in c and much faster than phpdig.

Both are realy simple to install and to configure.

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