Interprocess communication with Apache and PHP

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Interprocess communication with Apache and PHP

Postby mp2013 » 01. November 2016 18:54


I have a client application that sends a HTTP request to an Apache server.
The Apache server builds a Tcp / IP connection to a server-side application, forwards the request, and waits for the result and returns it to the client.

So far the whole thing ran over a CGI Skipt in Tcl.
Now I want to eliminate the overhead by repeatedly starting and terminating the Tcl interpreter by using PHP instead of Tcl.

As a zero-beginner in terms of PHP, I've put myself a script together with the help of the whole Internet contributions, which actually works well.

However, I wonder if it is also robust. Could you possibly look over it and tell me your opinion? Are there any subtleties left over? The server-side application can also handle multiple requests at the same time. Can my PHP script handle this too?

Script is attached below.

Thank you very much

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// Test this script

if(!($sock = socket_create(AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM, 0)))
    $errorcode = socket_last_error();
    $errormsg = socket_strerror($errorcode);

    die("Couldn't create socket: [$errorcode] $errormsg \n");

if(!socket_connect($sock , 'localhost' , 2))
    $errorcode = socket_last_error();
    $errormsg = socket_strerror($errorcode);

    die("Could not connect: [$errorcode] $errormsg \n");

$s = "";
foreach ($_GET as $key => $value) {
    $s = $s . $value . " ";

$sock_data = socket_write($sock, $s); //Send data
echo socket_read($sock,1000);


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