Reinstall only PHP?

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Reinstall only PHP?

Postby WareManu » 11. December 2015 03:34

I am using XAMPP, but everything is corrupt now. Currently, PHP won't start and before that the MySQL extension was gone. Is there a way to reinstall PHP without reinstalling XAMPP? I cannot just keep the htdocs and mysql data folder (or even the whole mysql folder) and reinstall XAMPP, I tried that and somehow I couldn't access phpmyadmin anymore. Something is also wrong with the MySQL as well, I cannot even export the databases with MySQL Workbenth (the program refuses to export the data). It seems like my server is really mad, what have I done wrong?
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Re: Reinstall only PHP?

Postby Nobbie » 11. December 2015 11:44

It would be better to install Apache/MySQL/PHP separately instead of overinstalling Xampp. It is safer and not that difficult. As said before: Xampp is not designed for Online Servers.
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