ich haben a problem

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ich haben a problem

Postby cobbweb » 18. July 2004 06:01

Sorry this is in English, ich cans neict sprechen duech anyway, i downloaded the server xampp onto my computer but am not sure how it works. What i mean is where do i write my code? Do i just write it in text pad and save it as a certain file? not quite sure and thanks for doing this in english,


yea i know the German, spelling is bad
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Postby BlackbirdHakke » 19. July 2004 08:44

Hi there,

there are english speaking areas at bottom of the board ;)

If you have installed XAMPP correctly, and startet it ( xampp_start.exe or apache_start.bat ), and it runs (DOS- box appears or it runs as a service, depending on your kind of installation), you can type into your browser http://localhost or . Now XAMPP splash screen should be shown.

This files are located in your directory ../XAMPP/htdocs/ , which is the webroot for XAMPP. Any file or subdirectory can be adressed.
Copy those files or delete them, so this directory is empty. Now you can store your htm/html/php files there, and open them with localhost/*.* when xampp runs.

Editing/making this files can be done with a simple text editor, a html editor (my choise is weaverslave) and a little bit of knowledge ;)

greets, Flo
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