PHP error_reporting not working

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PHP error_reporting not working

Postby LaughingLemon » 21. February 2013 14:45

I'm trying to change the php error_reporting variable in php.ini but for some reason the variable is being ignored. If I use phpinfo from the xampp administration web page, it gived error_reporting = 1 no matter what I set it to in the file. display_errors is also set to off, again no matter what I set it to. It's saying that the configuration file is C:\xampp\php\php.ini, which is the one being changed, but the Configuration File (php.ini) Path is C:\Windows. Would this cause a conflict and, if so, how do I change it?
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Re: PHP error_reporting not working

Postby Altrea » 21. February 2013 16:22

Which setting (line) in the configuration file do you change?
There are some lines in the configuration file which are just for documentation and examples (line begins with a semicolon).
Do you have restarted Apache after changing the settings?
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