Apache2 php module doesnt work

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Apache2 php module doesnt work

Postby castro1936@gmx.net » 25. September 2010 17:07


I am running the Apache2 server includet in Mac OSX 10.6 and have turned on the php-Mudule in the httpd.conf file, but nonetheless when i go to a php page like "http://localhost/~myusername/somedirectory/mypage.php" in my browser i get only the php-code displayed. I really don't know what else to do. At least all the tutorials on the subjects aren't of any help.

thanks for your help
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Re: Apache2 php module doesnt work

Postby Nobbie » 25. September 2010 18:39

If your PHP Scripts start with "<?" instead of "<?php", replace these tokens by the long version and read about short_open_tag

If this does not help, please specify more precisely whether the code is displayed in the browser, or if you get a blank page and the code is displayed in the "source code" view. That's a huge difference and most people describe it wrong.
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