Browsing Mac With PHP

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Browsing Mac With PHP

Postby NinjaJoshy » 03. February 2010 02:50

So I recently installed xampp on my macbook in the hopes of managing some media with a gallery app I built using PHP and mySQL. Currently they script works by scanning a directory located in the /htdocs/ folder, no biggie. I was wondering if it was possible for a PHP script to access the rest of my HD? So say I was storing my media outside of my /applications/xampp/htdocs/ directory, can I access them using xampp and PHP?
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Re: Browsing Mac With PHP

Postby Nobbie » 03. February 2010 13:16

Yes, PHP can access all folders (not only the foldery beyond DocumentRoot). But the folders must be readable for the User which executes Apache ("nobody" per Default, see httpd.conf).
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