Preview from a font

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Preview from a font

Postby shuguesebookers » 17. February 2009 16:16


is there any way (librairy) of giving PHP a typo font (TTF, MAC FONT, etc...)
And get a JPG preview of what this font looks like ?
(following a exemple sentence "A zebra love 12 elephants.")

sthing like that :

//abstract desire code :
$font_preview = new FontPreviewer ();
$font_preview.font = 'fonts/Helevtica_neue_bold.ttf';
$font_preview.pattern = 'A zebra love 12 elephants.';
$font_preview.destination = 'images/HelevBold_preview.jpg';

Or any other way, Thanks, Sylvain.
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Re: Preview from a font

Postby Xardas der Dunkle » 17. February 2009 17:08

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