How to build database

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How to build database

Postby emyxd » 03. January 2009 01:42


I really need help starting a database

Something that will do this kind of job:

I need it to organize pdf reports and sort by date/publisher/etc

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Re: How to build database

Postby Nobbie » 03. January 2009 15:34


Thanks for what?
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Re: How to build database

Postby Mirko Steiner » 03. April 2009 08:59

When starting designing a relational database(mysql, sqlite, postgres etc.), first i make a ERM like model with all actors and things and all properties etc. between the entities.

after this is done i start normalizing the model as deep as it is needed exempli gratia maybe its making sence to store the housenumber seperate from the streetname, maybe not you have to balance this for each databasedesign you create.

there are some cool tools out there to design databases like the mysql workbench (free!) and microsoft visio. most of the tools are for computers which are controlled by a operating system from microsoft but for example the mysql workbench getting better and better (and maybe someday usable) under Mac OS.

designing a database... well its not designing... just creating a database and create some columns will end up, sooner or later, in a mess!


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