SNMP for XAMPP in Debian

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SNMP for XAMPP in Debian

Postby oussassel » 05. June 2008 17:55

i have install XAMPP in debian and i want to use snmp function in a PHP scripte
snmp worke very well with the commende in the shell but in PHP he told to me "unidentified function snmpwamk" i have edit the fille php.ini and delete the " ; " befor " extension=php_snmp.dll "

what i can do pleaz, note that in easyphp with windows he worke :roll:

thx for all
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Postby FeArX » 08. July 2008 15:44

I have the same problem but i'm in windows, did you solve it?

"unidentified function snmpwamk"

try snmpwalk instead snmpwank
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Postby FeArX » 08. July 2008 15:51

Hey I found the solution in the FAQ of xampp.

There are three "php.ini". Which is now the correct one?
The \xampp\apache\bin\php.ini is the correct one! The others in the \xampp\php directory are only for PHP in CGI/CLI mode. So configure the \xampp\apache\bin\php.ini for web changes.
Modifications in the php.ini will be saved also after the "PHP switch" (the changing of the PHP version). And note: Modifications in the php.ini and in the httpd.conf always need a Apache restart!

So, the problem was that we were taking off the ";" in the wrong file, So go to: \xampp\apache\bin\php.ini and uncomment the: " extension=php_snmp.dll" line

Heve a Nice day
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Re: SNMP for XAMPP in Debian

Postby farzin » 15. September 2018 08:30

I had the same problem with SNMP
thank you so much for the help.
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XAMPP version: 3.2.2
Operating System: Windows 10

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