ocifetchinto problem with OCI_RETURN_LOBS

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ocifetchinto problem with OCI_RETURN_LOBS

Postby xalithan » 23. May 2006 13:59

Hello all,

First of all, my apologies for writing in English. I read, write and speak German, but in this kind of subject it's far easier for me to use English. Plese feel free to reply in Dutch, English or German :-)

In our company we are building up a testserver based on Apache, PHP, which will be communicating with an Oracle9 Server.

The Server installation is based on SuSE 10, with Apache and PHP installed via apt for SuSE.

Oracle's instantclient v10.2 was installed in /usr/lib/oracle/instantclient

I have installed the oci8 module via PEAR (using the OCI8 PECL package), and the installation went fine, after making a small change in the _runCommand() function of the PEAR/Builder.php script (I don't think that that is very relevant. It was a known problem, which worked after making the recommended fix).

Anyway...installation and configuration went okay, and the oci8 module shows up in phpinfo. Also, the testscript that oracle gives on its site went fine.

However, there are problems with the 'phpfetchinto' function when using the OCI_RETURN_LOBS option. The script hangs at this point, and a PHP timeout ensues.

I searched the net, but with exception of one similar problem (http://groups.google.de/group/mailing.www.php-user/browse_frm/thread/1fb08179dfceb63b/98b05c799651a63a?lnk=st&q=ocifetchinto+lob&rnum=38#98b05c799651a63a)
I didn't find any more info about it.

Does anyone of you have experience with this issue under LAMPP ? Does it work under LAMPP ?

If so, does anyone know how this module was compiled ?

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Since I am relatively new to the field (in fact I'm a physicist turned system administrator :) ) I am also not _that_ much of a wizard with PHP compilation/configuration.

thanx a lot in advance and take care,

Constantijn Blondel
eWerk GmbH Leipzig
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