Need help with Apache2 configuration

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Need help with Apache2 configuration

Postby LukeVad3r » 25. September 2018 14:31

Please can some Genius help me!

I have installed, MariaDB, Php, Apache, Certbot, WordPress and Nextcloud on my Ubuntu 18.04 server. I also have a render-server within my network with the port 9090. So I need a proxy

Now I need a good apache.conf setting to get everything to work together.
But I’m not very good at this - this should be the WordPress site - this should be the Nextcloud site this should be the path to my renderserver

I have installed on thepaths:


I also like all traffic coming from the internet to redirect to port 443 and not the network internal.

I also have problems with the
Header always set Strict-Transport-Security “max-age=15552000; includeSubDomains” to work

Please can someone provide me with the right settings
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Re: Need help with Apache2 configuration

Postby Nobbie » 25. September 2018 20:20

LukeVad3r wrote:Please can some Genius help me!

You mean, can a professional help my company for free?

No, we can't do that here, this forum is for private Xampp users, who of course can't pay for professional support. But such extremely professional demands as from your request, we can't do that here. This forum is unfortunately not suitable to get free professional company support.
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