Can't kill httpd.exe processes

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Can't kill httpd.exe processes

Postby haizen » 09. August 2018 13:13

Hi everyone,
I am using .bat file to restart my server every 3 hours, .bat file contains these lines;

net stop "Apache2.4"
timeout /T 20
net start "Apache2.4"

Apache running 2 httpd processes and I didn't have any problem killing and restarting these processes untill yesterday.
Here is a screenshot of my task manager,
Problem is, ' net stop "Apache2.4" ' only kills the httpd.exe at the top, second process ( guess it's child) still keeps running. Then I can not restart it again because service still seems alive.
What I want to achieve is, killing both processes with command line prompt, stop Apache2.4 service and restart it again.
I wonder is my problem related with latest windows update. I dont have this problem on my localhost device, but I have in my server device.
I also tried >taskkill /F /IM httpd.exe /T but problem still remains.

I would be appreciated for any advice and idea.
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Re: Can't kill httpd.exe processes

Postby Nobbie » 09. August 2018 17:27

Apache (httpd.exe) can also be started/stopped from commandline with builtin commandline options (httpd.exe -k .....). See
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