Htaccess redirect from subfolder

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Htaccess redirect from subfolder

Postby bardossi » 05. May 2018 19:51

Hello to everyone,
I am new here and not a programmer, just an enthusiastic amateur...
I am running a Joomla site of a nonprofit organization and its Opencart shop from a subfolder. I bought an SSL Certificate for the site (that one is working) and want to use for the shop as well, but I am unable to set up the .htaccess properly, I tried many tutorials but without success.

The point: I want to force it to use SSL, so redirect http to https, and redirect www to non-www, at the same time. I guesss that is with 2 RewriteCond and 1 RewriteRule and I am trying to modify my .htaccess of the shop subfolder. My site is lets say '' and the shop route is ''.
Is there someone who can help me in this case? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
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Re: Htaccess redirect from subfolder

Postby JJ_Tagy » 06. May 2018 12:32

You're better off using a htaccess builder online. Check the boxes you want, type the hostname/files, submit and viola!
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Re: Htaccess redirect from subfolder

Postby Nobbie » 07. May 2018 10:35

Can you show us your current (noi working?) .htaccess please? And please dont replace any code with "pseudocode", i cannot help on that. I need real code.
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