Custom mode launching new handler process - is it possible?

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Custom mode launching new handler process - is it possible?

Postby joro88 » 29. January 2018 10:12


I am trying to build an architecture where apache is in front of my custom server using its own binary protocol, with the following property - when a client arrives I would like apache to spawn a new instance of my server and pass byte by byte all traffic forward and backwards to and from it. Apache should communicate with my server through pipes, unix domain sockets or whatever is working. This is necessary because my server could crash at any moment due to reasons I can not fix. That's why one instance of my server should handle only one client during its session, then exit. If a crash occurs, a new instance should be launched, and as the context is easy to save (by the client, which passes it on request), the new instance should carry on without the client noticing a thing (except for the context request).
I will also use apache to strip the SSL, if that matters.
So my question is - is it possible to launch a handler processes from a custom apache module, monitor it, and pass transparently the communication to it?
Does apache/the module needs to be able to parse the custom protocol? (it is not http, and it is not synchronous.)

Thanks a lot.
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Re: Custom mode launching new handler process - is it possib

Postby Nobbie » 29. January 2018 18:27

I dont think this is the right forum for your problem. And i dont think that you can do that with Apache.
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