TomCat 9 - size reques

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TomCat 9 - size reques

Postby barsyr » 20. November 2017 17:22


I'm pretty new in Apache Tomcat.
I have a Progress OpenEdge SaaS application. The client connects through TomCat webserver to the application database on the cloud-server.
Problem is, when the returned data is over 1Mb the client just crashes.
Strange thing is, going through 'IIS > Tomcat' it just works.

Client -> TomCat on port 8080 -> database : the client crashes when the data is over 1Mb

Client -> IIS on port 80 -> TomCat on port 8080 -> database : just works

Tryed several things, but no solution. The Progress-guys also couldn't help ....

Many thanks for any suggestion
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Re: TomCat 9 - size reques

Postby Nobbie » 20. November 2017 21:30

"Grundlagen und WIssenswertes" -> "Apache" - das ist das Thema dieses deutschen Forums. Deine Frage liegt leider meilenweit außerhalb der Thematik dieses Forums.
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