where to put project data during development

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where to put project data during development

Postby RickSanchez » 10. August 2017 20:31

Hey folks,

So I guess this will probably be solved by properly configuring Apache and should there be any useful documentation on this, which features more than excruciatingly detailed descriptions of how to install it via apt-get - not that that should even need like five pages long - I'd very much appreciate any reference.

So: I´m trying to set up a project that should run on my localhost, which - using ubuntu - is configured to the /var/www/html file belonging to root.
Makes it awfully hard for any script in the project to manipulate any data in there. Now it is usually discouraged to just smear access privileges all over the localhost-file - by the way: I did struggle to find out exactly why and what could happen if I did, but information was rather scarce, again - hence I would refrain from doing so, and so the problem remains.

What is the proper way to handle this? I can't work with having to sudo every little script running on project-files. Could I have Apache serve files from other locations, like /srv, would that be any kind of improvement towards just granting access-privileges to /var/www, and basically, can someone recommend some actual comprehensive documentation for Apache - especially one that doesn't assume I use Windows and serves loads of non-information?
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