Apache load balancing after F5

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Apache load balancing after F5

Postby hk17 » 04. July 2017 10:39

Hello All ,

Im working on a scenario where we have a F5 for SSL unload , which is internet facing (which is controlled by different person/team ) .
In the F5 configuration the applications vm and paths are mapped with port numbers(typically 4 Tomcat application servers) .

Present configuration :
Request ------>F5 -------> app1 ----- app2 .........app3

Need is we are increasing the number of application servers and cluster them ( 1 application 2 nodes ) . And the application nodes are scaled frequently as pre the requirement .
For which the changes are not allowed in the F5 .
Is there any way to do this ... or any link which provides me info .

F5 ------ apache 2.4 ---- app1-node1 ....... app1-node2
|----apache 2.4 -----app2 -node1........app2-node2 .

I'am asking this question as im new to web world.

Thanks ,
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