Apache Caching issue

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Apache Caching issue

Postby okapache » 28. June 2017 14:53

On my dietpi I installed the LAMP stack. During development of websites I sometimes have minor changes and sometimes larger.
When I change only a couple of bytes my Apache will not deliver the new version of a page but still the one without the small change. After a while (some seconds) it will deliver the new version.
If I do larger changes Apache will immediately deliver the latest version.

Any idea what I can change in my Apache configuration to always deliver the latest version of a file without taking care of the amount of changes?
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Re: Apache Caching issue

Postby Nobbie » 29. June 2017 09:50

okapache wrote:On my dietpi I installed the LAMP stack.

You are in the wrong forum, you have LAMP installed, this is the XAMPP Forum. Xampp does not run on dietpi. You should go for a LAMP forum for support on LAMP.
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