Xampp errors on Windows 8

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Xampp errors on Windows 8

Postby istuff360 » 17. March 2016 12:49

I have installed Xampp on Windows 8 and when i start Apache, MySql ... etc services it is not running them instead showing some errors in "Red" which i have not clue how to fix them. I also installed Wamp server which also showed some same random error. It also somewhere indicated an issue about port:80 which i do not know how to fix or change as well i am attaching an image with it which you can even see from the link provided below it shows the error occurring while running Apache. Can you please help me fixing Wamp and Xampp both on Windows 8 i have even installed all MSVC++ packages but still port issues occurring and i am also using teamweaver but i don't think it is making some issue even if it is i tried to change the port on it but did not find where to change it in teamweaver, Looking for some help here please!

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