APACHE2 smtp configuration

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APACHE2 smtp configuration

Postby janksaxx » 15. November 2015 06:15

Hi Friends,

I am using apache2 as reverse proxy as i only know how to configure that now the issue is that i canot give smtp.gmail.com.pk access to my production server so i need to configure smpt.gmail.com.pk on apache on port 25 and the direct my email adapter towards the apache ip that is, Kindly guide me how to configure this and which files should be configured right now am using ssl and proxy to configure.

Your prompt response will be highly appreciated
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Re: APACHE2 smtp configuration

Postby Nobbie » 15. November 2015 11:47

There is no answer to this question, as there is no "global" solution to that issue, everything depends on the software, which you use in order to send the email to the SMTP Server. You did not specify any.
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