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start apache

Postby ciusen » 14. February 2015 13:23

Hey guys

After some hours of trying, I still have the problem that apache don't want run. Here is the complete output of my console:

13:17:10 [main] Initializing Control Panel
13:17:10 [main] Windows Version: Windows 8 64-bit
13:17:10 [main] XAMPP Version: 5.6.3
13:17:10 [main] Control Panel Version: 3.2.1 [ Compiled: May 7th 2013 ]
13:17:10 [main] Running with Administrator rights - good!
13:17:10 [main] XAMPP Installation Directory: "c:\xampp\"
13:17:10 [main] Checking for prerequisites
13:17:10 [main] All prerequisites found
13:17:10 [main] Initializing Modules
13:17:10 [main] Starting Check-Timer
13:17:10 [main] Control Panel Ready
13:17:13 [Apache] Attempting to start Apache app...
13:17:13 [Apache] Status change detected: running
13:17:16 [Apache] Status change detected: stopped
13:17:16 [Apache] Error: Apache shutdown unexpectedly.
13:17:16 [Apache] This may be due to a blocked port, missing dependencies,
13:17:16 [Apache] improper privileges, a crash, or a shutdown by another method.
13:17:16 [Apache] Press the Logs button to view error logs and check
13:17:16 [Apache] the Windows Event Viewer for more clues
13:17:16 [Apache] If you need more help, copy and post this
13:17:16 [Apache] entire log window on the forums

What I already tryed:

1) I schwitched off my fierwall
2) I ensured that that skype is not running on port 80 and 143
3) I followed the following steps (without knowing what I'm doing) :?

Configure HTTP.sys to only bind to IPv6

Only bind to IPv6 has the advantage that HTTP.sys can still be used without influencing Apache on IPv4 anymore.

Open your Windows commandline with elevated administrative rights (rightclick -> run as Administrator)
type in the following command
netsh http add iplisten ipaddress=::

If http://localhost will still not work after that, you need to resolve localhost to the IPv4 address

Open your notepad with elevated administrative rights (rightclick -> run as Administrator)
With File -> Open navigate to your \Windows\sytsem32\drivers\etc\ folder
change your filetype from Textfiles (*.txt) to All Files (*.*)
open your hosts file
add the following line
Save the file

I really appreciate any helps and hints. thx
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Re: start apache

Postby Altrea » 14. February 2015 14:40


You missed the most important step.
Execute the file apache_start.bat and read the response of it which contains the true issue.

Best wishes,
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Re: start apache

Postby hktari » 11. March 2015 11:30

run apache_start batch
helped me a lot, had a syntax error in a conf file now apache starts normally. Thanks !
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