Max connection per second (global rule)

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Max connection per second (global rule)

Postby nebred » 09. February 2015 22:36

Hi, I use xampp 1.7.3 and I run my game server in a dedicated server hosted in OVH, until today the only attack method that worked against my server is the layer 7 using a real botnet to access a real page of my server, as I run in windows I cant put any iptables to block it, I already use the dosevasive22_module but this work just to a single ip, what I need is simple but not easy to do because today 90 percent of the users prefer linux but this is not my option because my game dont run on, I need to limit the maximum number of ips that access my website per second and an OVH expert said me that this is really possible but that how they dont gave support to layer 7 attacks he cant help me at work, so my question is: Is really possible to put a maximum number of clients to access my website per second? This will solve my problem forever because I really can limit my website because my game is not a webgame server, so if I limit exemple (just 10 different ips per second can access my website will solve my problem, when I close my apache the game continue to run and the attack stop instantly, but I cant stay without website, I m blocking ip by ip but this can take 1 week to do and in the future another botnet can do the same, all other attack type the OVH and my programs and firewalls managed until today, please can someone help me?

Edit: I saw a module called mod_qos I already tried to compile in windows but no sucess this module appear to be what I need because there you can rate a lot of things include the max number of connected users, but if anyone know another way please let me know.
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