Slow/Queuing HTTP Request Connection Via Tomcat

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Slow/Queuing HTTP Request Connection Via Tomcat

Postby ts04211 » 12. January 2015 23:23


Can anyone give some advice on what the issue may be? We have a web application folder in Tomcat that have been slowing the http request's connection to another third party system when there are high traffic. It seems to be halting in the Tomcat server for about 20 - 50 seconds before attempting to connect to the third party system. Once it tries to connect to the third party system, the response time is only about 6 - 10 seconds which is normal. It does not seem to be an issue at the third party's end as the response time is quick once we get connected.

Here are the specs that we have and additional information...

1) Apache Tomcat 7.0.56
2) JVM version 1.7
3) Running on Linux OS Version 2.6.32

Connection Flow:
1) User submits a HTTP request from web application to Tomcat
2) Tomcat calls Java's servlet code along with HTTP request parameters
3) Java servlet code connects to third party system via application server and jolt port
4) Third party system returns requested information

We thought it would be a session issue which we lowered the session timeout (just for that folder) in WEB-INF folder to 5 minutes from defaulted 30 minutes but it is still doing the same thing.

Any advice on what it may be? Let me know if you need additional information.

Thank you in advance!

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