Aapache 2 Intermediate Certificate

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Aapache 2 Intermediate Certificate

Postby Forum_Freak » 08. December 2014 08:50

Good morning,

a few days ago, i bought an Rapid SSl Certificate to secure my OwnCloud Server.
It worked absolutly perfect for the first view.
But if anyone else opens the website, the note of an untrusted certificate is presented.
After checking the web for an answer, i got the information, that there is an intermediate certificate missing.
I followed this tutorial (https://support.globalsign.com/customer/portal/articles/1225234-install-certificate---apache-openssl),
but the problem is still alive.
Can you please tell me, which certificate i have to install in which location and which configuration changes i have to made?


Have a nice day.
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Re: Aapache 2 Intermediate Certificate

Postby Nobbie » 08. December 2014 22:02

I have no idea - why dont you ask Rapid SSI, where you bought it?
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