APACHE Tomcat - URL Conditional Logic

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APACHE Tomcat - URL Conditional Logic

Postby Srinikesh » 03. July 2014 00:03

Hello Friends,

I am a new to APACHE and Coding and requesting you help with the following use case scenario..

- When a user calls the URL (Just URL): http://time.nik.com , the system should redirect the call to http://auth.nik.com

- Any calls to http://time.nik.com/bd/
(or) http://time.nik.com/bd/pub/ (or) http://time.nik.com/rep (or) http://time.nik.com/disp (or) http://time.nik.com/disp/hol.jsp

should go to http://reportserver.nik.com/<<<Corresponding URL as per the source url content>>>

Kindly let me know how/what to place with the mod_rewrite rules?

Thank you,
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