VirtualHost/Subdomain Redirect Help

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VirtualHost/Subdomain Redirect Help

Postby antwonw » 13. March 2013 00:19

I am trying to setup a subdomain and/or virtual host to redirect to a specific port and path. I am, however, having great difficulties doing this.

I have setup my server with DDYNS through my domain name registar.

Through the ddyns client I have set it to assign a subdomain of "" so that my server will have a easy name to get to instead of a dynamic ip address.

I have also setup on my registrars host records another subdomain of "" with a static IP address for internet network accessing to my server.

My problem is that I have a service/program on my server that I need access to both internally and externally and this service can only be access through a port of 32400 and HTTP address of /web. (e.g. or

This is annoying for others to type out and I am just wanting to make it look pretty. Is there a way that I can create a VirtualHost or Subdomain of "service.*" that redirects them to ":32400/web" of the hostname they're on? (e.g. automatically forwards or proxies--to keep it pretty--to

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