Apache Mismatch password error

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Apache Mismatch password error

Postby unknown64 » 01. November 2012 09:52

i ran an apache server ( on windows don't ask why i don't use linux ) and want to use CoffeeCup Website Access Manager software to having control over my htaccess and htpasswd file and many other abilities.
you can use this software to create users and it would specify a htaccess and htpasswd for him / her.
but i have a big problem that's annoying me for ages !
let me to set example for this one :
i created a user by this software : User1
and give it password :123
ok,everything's fine and sotware generate htaccess and htpasswd file for this user like this :
htaccess file content :
AuthUserFile /www/a/.htpasswd
AuthName "Members Only"
AuthType Basic

# Access Restriction:
Require user Administrator user
order deny,allow

<files Index.Aspx>
Require user user
order deny,allow


htpasswd file content :
#User Password File - 2012/11/01 11:42:51 Þ.Ù

software use MD5 algorithm so encryption is perfect for apache
but big problem appear when i open my browser and type this address for example :
a : folder that i set password for it
the log in window is front of my eyes and i enter :
user 1 and 123 ( username and password i created before )
but nothing would happen !
again i re-enter password carefully but again nothing !
i check apache log and it gives me mismatch password !!!!!!!!!!!!!
another big major Surprise comes along when i edit htpasswd file
we had : user1:$1$sa$ik3hB/TAF0UbwxvubOLHp/
if i change that to :user1:123 ( i mean change MD5 hashed file to just a plain text )
everything works fine and mismatch password error is gone !!!
why ?!!
any reason or hint ?
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Re: Apache Mismatch password error

Postby unknown64 » 05. November 2012 07:01

not a clue :( :( :|
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Re: Apache Mismatch password error

Postby Nobbie » 05. November 2012 15:55

Because password encryption is not supported for Windows Apache:

See http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/programs/htpasswd.html

Though htpasswd will support creation on all platforms, the httpd daemon will only accept plain text passwords on Windows, Netware and TPF.
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