Apache 2.2.22: missing declspec for ap_read_request()

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Apache 2.2.22: missing declspec for ap_read_request()

Postby F.Haferkorn » 02. May 2012 16:58


I am relatively new to Apache, but have quite good training in C/C++
I am using Apache 2.2.22 on Windows on a x64 machine.
I tried to use the function in my own apache module:

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request_rec*  ap_read_request(conn_rec *conn);

That is what is declared in include/http_protocol.h
and what is given in protocol.c // line 868 in protocol.c

During linking I have no access to the symbol _ap_read_request.
it produces an linker error

When I add the stuff about the dllexport / dllimport
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AP_DECLARE(request_rec*) ap_read_request(conn_rec *conn)

in both protocol.c and include/http_protocol.h
the compilation and linkage work flawless!

Is this issue realted to 2.2 only or is it already fixed in 2.4. ?
F.Haferkorn :D
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