user authentication for subfolder not working

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user authentication for subfolder not working

Postby dxbrocky21 » 12. April 2012 18:52

We are using Oracle Application and Database Server for our application.

One of the functionalities of the Application is to send emails with attachments.

The logic is that the Application would generate the attachment file on the Application Server.

Then a database package uses Oracle's utl_http package/procedures(more specifically utl_http.request_pieces where the single argument is a URL) to pick up the file from the Application Server via URL, attach the file and send the email.

Exchange and Relay Server is also set in the Application.

The problem is that the folder containing the folder which stores the attachments is having user authentication set.

Example : The main folder is /apps/interface, this folder requires a valid user when it is accessed via URL on a web browser.

Alias created in httpd.conf

Alias /int-dir/ "/apps/interface/"

The folder /apps/interface/email/ is the folder where the attachment files are generated and stored.

Application Server :

Database Server :

Email Server :

Configuration as per httpd.conf

Alias /int-dir/ "/apps/interface/"

<Location /int-dir/>
AuthName "Interface folder"
AuthType Basic
AuthUserFile "/u01/app/oracle/as10g/oasmid/Apache/Apache/conf/.htpasswd"
require user scott

<Location /int-dir/email>
Options Indexes Multiviews IncludesNoExec
Order deny,allow
Deny from all
Allow from
Allow from
Allow from

Using the above configuration the Application is able to attach the files and send the email, however, when we access the following URL : - it prompts for user authentication

However if we use the following URL : - it does not prompt for user authentication, and all the files in the folder are displayed in the browser.

I have tried so many things including AllowOverride, .htaccess, but i am not able to get user authentication for the email folder.

Please help me if you can.

Thanking you in advance,

Glad to give any more information that i can.

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