Apache vs hosting - what is more secure?

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Apache vs hosting - what is more secure?

Postby decor » 06. February 2012 17:59

Hello everybody,

I'm planning to implement web application written in standard languages: php, mysql, javascript that should be accessible for certain users.
My question is about security (my knowledge here is rather basic):

1) is it more secure to run own webserver inside intranet with php, mysql, etc installed? (lets say intranet is well secured). Installation and configuration of that server wuld be done be external company, so I assume they will do that in right, secure way...

2) or is it safer to buy a place inside secure external hosting company where the application would be uploaded - then make allow only for IPs of specific groups of users, etc.

Which solution is better?

-Solution 1 is better in condition of proper server configuration? I understand, that webserver installed inside intranet is invisible from the outside (so it cant be attacked by the outside attackers), unless somebody will get inside that intranet
-Solution 2 - external hosting takes care of security, but in fact in this case appliacation is accessible from the outside

Please advise me if my deduction is correct, and what are your ideas.
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