Help with .htaccess file please

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Help with .htaccess file please

Postby JKY » 25. December 2011 11:50

I've tried a few different ways of writing a .htaccess file, found online (eg, but can't get them to do what I want. I'm no web developer, so need to some expert help...

I have a lot of folders at the root of my website, one of which contains my Wordpress site.

At the moment, I use meta refresh in the index.html file, eg, to take visitors to my wordpress site.

I've tried using .htaccess in the root folder, redirecting visitors from index.html file ( to the Wordpress folder, but it messes up the links to other folders, like my other blog, a folder and a subdomain.

Could someone tell me what I can put in the .htaccess file, please? I need it to ignore all folders and just take visitors that arrive at If they want to go to, then they're not going to get redirected to my Wordpress site.

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Re: Help with .htaccess file please

Postby vistangela » 16. January 2012 08:44

The Apache web server provides several way for setting up redirects.

The most simple one is using the “Redirect” directive. You want to Redirect index.html to a specific subfolder it can be accomplished by editing your htaccess and writing these rules:
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# This allows you to redirect index.html to a specific subfolder
Redirect /index.html

To redirect a specific index page you can use:

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# Provide Specific Index Page (Set the default handler)
DirectoryIndex index.html

I hope it serves your purpose.
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