Apache wont start!

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Apache wont start!

Postby Teoz » 12. July 2011 22:49

I have a vps and i just downloaded xampp 1.7.1 i know that one is old but i like that one but it wont start it does not give a error my last vps my friend had to do something in the SCM!
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Re: Apache wont start!

Postby Sharley » 13. July 2011 09:04

Try starting it with the apache_start.bat file as it may return the reason it can't start.

Until Apache starts the first time then the \apache\logs\error.log file and the access.log file will not be created.

Make sure there is not another service or application using port 80 and port 443 as Apache needs these ports exclusively.

the netstat command is your fiend to find out what is using ports.
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