php not opening with Apache 2.2

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php not opening with Apache 2.2

Postby c_ganderton » 02. July 2011 21:48


I am just about to start learning php and am falling at the first hurdle as i cannot get a php file to open.
Forgive my lack of knowledge as new to this but i have downloaded latest php version and am using Apache 2.2. I have changed the httpd file in apache so it has AddType application/x-httpd-php .php in it. also php5apache2_2.dll is in the php location.
Apache is working when i type in localhost but when i start it it does bring up an error re: sockets and not be able to bind to 80?

Can anyone help with this?

Many Thanks
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Re: php not opening with Apache 2.2

Postby WilliL » 03. July 2011 09:14

one of the most often questions have a look to:

please post in future in english part of the forum, it could be in the german part, that you'll recieve an answer in german ;)
.. and use board search 1st
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Re: php not opening with Apache 2.2

Postby Sharley » 04. July 2011 01:41

There is only one group of forums that are specifically meant for posting in the German language only and that is those in XAMPP auf Deutsch.

This page also seems to permit both German and English in all forums except the one dedicated to the German language XAMPP auf Deutsch.

There was a an old topic or blog I now can't seem to find that did refer to this issue with which forums English was permitted to be used in and those in this group Grundlagen und Wissenswertes as well as those in the Apache Friends group were mentioned as being bi-lingual with the XAMPP in English group being for English only posts.

The OP of this topic is referring to a non XAMPP issue and therefore would be permitted, it seems, to post his issue in here as it is the only forum that is on topic for his issues.

For verification of what I have posted above then one should try and contact the Forum Administrator Oswald as he is the only person who can with some degree of authority confirm or deny this language issue.

This issue about forum permitted languages should be made abundantly clear so no more ambiguity could possibly arise, as it must be confusing to new forum members as well as some not so new members - all it would take is a few simple words in the headings of all groups of forums to facilitate this clarification.

Apache Friends - English and German Language / Sprache Deutsch und Englisch
XAMPP auf Deutsch - Sprache: Deutsch / German Language
Grundlagen und Wissenswertes - Sprache Deutsch und Englisch / English and German Language
XAMPP in English - English Language / Sprache Englisch

What would be hard about including something similar to the above in the headings of all the groups of forums to avoid confusion (my translation may not be the best) - it would only take a few minutes of you precious time? :)
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Re: php not opening with Apache 2.2

Postby greetings » 20. March 2013 10:56

I am facing one problem i.e i was having php melody 1.6.5 your previous version .. but as the customer id validity was expired, i just buy the new version of php i.e 1.6.6 with removal link too with new customer id, so i only want to know how to upgrade it without disturbing my database please contact me soon..
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Re: php not opening with Apache 2.2

Postby Altrea » 20. March 2013 16:53

We can't provide for any third party products like phpmelody.
Please ask your question at their support channels
We don't provide any support via personal channels like PM, email, Skype, TeamViewer!

It's like porn for programmers 8)
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