Deploying TWiki to apachae

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Deploying TWiki to apachae

Postby glisando » 25. March 2011 10:31


I have installed Apachae HTTP Server 2.2, ActivePerl 5.12.3 and TWiki-5.0.1 on my machine following the instructions on the following website: ... ationGuide

Things are working fine. Hoewever I have difficulty accessing the tWiki web app from a remote machine. I made changes to the host file as per the following format:

IP address tWiki

and the furthest I go when I type in 'tWiki' in the address bar in the browser is to the webpage that says
'It works!' This is actually the 'index.html' page that resides in the htdocs folder of the Apache 2.2 folder.
However if I were to type in 'twiki/bin/view/Main/WebHome', I get a HTTP 404 Not Found error.

If I were to make changes to the host file in the following format:

IP address/bin/view/Main/WebHome tWiki

I am getting the same result. I hope someone can advise me how to go about accessing twiki remotely.

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