Object Not Found on RomPager server

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Object Not Found on RomPager server

Postby kaka09 » 26. January 2011 10:07

I am using xampp 1.6.7. I created 'ab.php' file and stored it into a folder 'abc' under htdocs folder. I started my apache server through xampp control panel and typed the following url in my web browser:
The output was the desired one only. But i wanted this php file to be viewed by my friend. So i checked up my dynamic IP through ipchicken.com and replaced localhost by this dynamically generated IP and rest was same and gave the link (eg http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/abc/ab.php) to my friend to view this file. But he couldnt. Instead he got an error message:

Object Not Found
The requested URL '/abc/ab.php' was not found on the RomPager server.
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I have added apache port number 80 in my port triggering in the NAT configuration of my router too. But still this error comes. Any solution to this??

waiting for help!!!
thanks in advance
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Re: RomPager server

Postby Sharley » 26. January 2011 10:18

So the dynamic IP you consider to be yours is not going to your XAMPP Apache server.
RomPager Server is not part of XAMPP.

Check the IP that your ISP gave you and if it is dynamic then consider using a service like no-ip.com etc.

To check the dynamic IP and other things, enter the IP or domain name in the box provide, tick the check boxes you require info on by going to this link:

Best wishes.
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