webmail.* -> webmail.example.com Config?

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webmail.* -> webmail.example.com Config?

Postby alfgand » 16. December 2010 09:18


is there a way to redirect all specified subdomains to a specific local folder? like this:

I want to attach a subdomain to a local folder but the domain is the wildcard (can be anything) this domain will be used as a folder name. example:

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blog.* -> /home/www/blogs/*

so it goes like this:
blog.example.com -> /home/www/blogs/example.com
blog.blabla123.com -> /home/www/blogs/blabla123.com

I am using apache2, so I can edit the configs or create a .htaccess?
any ideas? Thanks.
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Re: webmail.* -> webmail.example.com Config?

Postby WilliL » 23. February 2011 12:43

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