XSLT Stylesheet

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XSLT Stylesheet

Postby doronei » 29. June 2010 08:57

I amvery newto XSLT.
I am tryingto create an XSLT stylsheet that will enable me to transfer the following xml:

<src v="Refresh">
<trn v="אRefreshת" l="he"/>
<trn v="末Refresh权" l="ja"/>
<src v="Save">
<trn v="אSaveת" l="he"/>
<trn v="末Save权" l="ja"/>

to this xml:

<region xml:lang="en">
<string id="2000">Cannot open file!</string>
<string id="3000">Do you want to close the application?</string>
<region xml:lang="de">
<string id="2000">Datei kann nicht geöffnet werden!</string>
<string id="3000">Wollen Sie diese Anwendung schliessen?</string>

so far with no success

can anyone Please help me with that ?
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