Customizing Bugzilla whine e-mail template

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Customizing Bugzilla whine e-mail template

Postby skumar1 » 15. June 2010 12:36

Hi All,

I want to add the “Keyword” in the mail report configured with whining. I am planning to perform the followings:

1.Add “keywords” in the “my @searchfields” in the
2.Add the followings :
- <th align="left">Keywords</th> - under [% FOREACH query=queries %] in the file: Bugzilla\template\en\default\whine\mail.html.tmpl
- <td align="left">[% bug.keywords FILTER html %]</td> - under [% FOREACH bug=query.bugs %] in the file: Bugzilla\template\en\default\whine\mail.html.tmpl
3.Add the followings :
- Keywords: [%+ bug.keywords -%] - under [% FOREACH bug=query.bugs %] in the file : Bugzilla\template\en\default\whine\mail.txt.tmpl
4.Mapping the values for “keywords” in Bugzilla/ file.

I have three questions :
1.Are the above steps correct to customize whine email template?
2.I am not very sure about the 4th step. How to do mapping? Example with “keywords” will be very much useful.
3.Is it possible to add a custom field like “Cause of deficiency” in the whine email template? The name of field is mentioned as “cf_dropdown1 (drop down)".
I think that it is not possible and want to confirm this with all of you.

Thanks for your quick repsosne.

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