Missing words in Paragraph while converting XSL-FO to PDF

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Missing words in Paragraph while converting XSL-FO to PDF

Postby sureshkr » 20. August 2009 06:48


I am facing an issue,

I am using the support of Apache FOP to convert XSL FO to PDF. when i render the FO with font size 10, FOP renders it into PDF without any issues (without any missing words) if i change the XSL FO with Font size to 12, then some of the words are missing in the paragraph.

Example: If the last paragraph in a page contains words like 'This is the phage one' then since the font size is more, while rendering it prints 'This is the' only. the other words like 'phage one' is missing. Actually it should print in the next page or starting of the next paragraph.

Please let me know what could be the reason for this. I got some of the answer that this is a bug in Apache FOP. if yes is this issue fixed?
Otherwise what is the fix/work around for this.

Thanks in advance
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