MaxClient Value

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MaxClient Value

Postby Muetze1606 » 01. April 2009 18:47


I have a little problem with my apache server. It worked for about two years without any problems. And then, a month ago, it freezed completly with the error message:

[error] server reached MaxClients setting, consider raising the MaxClients setting

So I increased the MaxClient value from 150 to 256 (what is as I understood the maximum value for this setting on a standard apache). After that the server worked well until yesterday. Again freezed with the same error message.

But I don't really understand, because the user count on the server is approximately the same all the time, maybe it has been increased a bit, but really not more than 50% in the last month (as it has to be to freeze also with the new value 256).

Any hints or explanations, why this could be happen? Is there maybe another problem on the server next to this MaxClient setting?

Thanks for your answers.

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