Problem with configuring php and apache

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Problem with configuring php and apache

Postby pratikjain93 » 15. March 2009 20:50

i m new to xampp user. wel, am using xampp win 32 1.7.0 i have started xampp_start. its working well with apache and mysql running on its port. when i write http://localhost/xampp in my browser its working showing page title xampp for window. after that i have configured php 5.2.8 installation at "C:\php"
From phpMyAdmin i have created one database and one table.
After i have created one connec.php file and saved at "C:\php\www\connec.php"
My problem is that when i run the address in my browser
"http:\\localhost\xampp\connec.php" it gives me error OBJECT NOT FOUND. with error no 404.

So please can anyone help me how do i connect php and mysql.
Its urgent.
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Re: Problem with configuring php and apache

Postby Izzy » 15. March 2009 21:59

Why did you install another PHP when XAMPP includes PHP?

Open http://localhost/xampp/phpinfo.php in your browser, if you can, look for the Loaded Configuration File which for XAMPP should be in the xampp\apache\bin folder.

To get the PHP working again in XAMPP and also to get XAMPP working again you will have to find all php.ini files on your PC other than those in the xampp installation folder and either rename them or delete them as you can't run XAMPP when another php.ini file is in use - you will have a conflicting php.ini file that is used for C:\php installation that you don't need if you are using XAMPP.
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