How to make Apache return file size info?

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How to make Apache return file size info?

Postby stevenkain » 19. June 2008 08:50

Does anybody know how to configure Apache 2.2.x so it returns file size information to the browser/download manager when downloading a file?
I tried looking everywhere, read everything, googled it, nobody knows!
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Postby Nobbie » 28. June 2008 12:36

There is nothing to do for Apache (or any other Webserver), as the file size information is part of the Standard HTTP Protocoll.

The value is part of the header and is stored in the "CONTENT-LENGTH" field of each GET Request.

If you want to find out the size without downloading the whole file, you may also send an HEAD Request (instead of GET).

See or any other document about HTTP Protocoll.
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