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apache configure

Postby csuresh01 » 12. October 2007 08:42

I want to configure apache listening to 2 different documentRoot. Is this is possible ???

I know their is a way using alias but I have question their as well

Suppose I 've two different path

/www/htdocs/top => in this directory and below this directory all the css & js & other common files are be placed

/www1/htdocs/abc => here I've all the source code for different projects

Now my question is from /abc/1.html If i include some css or js it not refereeing the file from the /www/htdocs/top directory.

Do I need to copy that /top directory in /www1/htdocs also ?

When I tried with copying that folder I can able to view the pages clearly.

Is their is a way that with the help of configuration I can reuse the code without duplicating ?

Please suggest how to handle this case ?

Thanks in advance
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Postby illu » 24. October 2007 06:47

maybe not with apache configure, but what about a "ln -s /www/htdocs/top/css.css ."? that's maybe less complicated.
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