Apache Problem...Please post in English

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Apache Problem...Please post in English

Postby AirBorneDude501 » 16. February 2007 05:24

I have only found solution (I think) in other languages other than english.

That is why I am asking the question...

A little background about my web site.

I have been using Xampp for Linux for about 1 year. No problem at all, Xampp is awesome!!!

My problem came up when I wanted to upgrade my webserver to a newer and faster machine. I run my webserver from my house. I use Damn Small Linux.

I setup my new web server, installed Xampp. No problems.

I went over to my old web server and ran a backup /opt/lampp/ lampp backup password

I ftp'd my xampp_backup.sh to my new system. I ran the xampp_backup.sh

sh xampp_backup.sh

No problem... no errors, it seemed to have worked.

The problem is when I stopped and tried to restart xampp.

I got the "Xampp: Another web server daemon is already running"

How can this be??? There was no web server previously on it. This didn't happen until I ran the xampp_backup.sh ...

I am not an Apache expert, can someone point me in the right direction???? I checked the logs and it doesn't say anything. There must be something I am missing. I have tried to read about other people having this problem but they are all in other languages... PLEASE HELP!!!!!

Thanks in advice.
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More info

Postby AirBorneDude501 » 16. February 2007 06:11

I found a little more info in english on this site, people talk editing the lampp script and changing the ports.

I am not sure this will work. I need Apache to listen on port 80. there has got to be a solution to this.

Please someone please help. I am pull my hair out trying to understand why this isn't working.

I went through the lampp script and I don't know why it would find another web server up and running when it tries to bring Apache up.
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Postby AirBorneDude501 » 25. February 2007 01:49

I fixed this problem "Xampp: Another web server daemon is already running"

If anyone runs into this problem, this little procedure worked for me. Here it is...


First I backed up my old web server

/opt/lampp/lampp backup password

Then I installed xampp on my new web server, while the backup was running on the old web server.

After the install, I only started MySQL on new system.

/opt/lamp/lampp startmysql

I ftp'd the backup file from the old web server to the new

I ran the backup file on the new web server.

After the backup ran, I stopped MySQL

/opt/lampp/lampp stopmysql

Then I started everything.

/opt/lampp/lampp start

I tested it out, I stopped and started it a couple of times. Everything is working, I no longer get the error of another Apache daemon running.

So again if you are running a forum that uses MySQL, you need to only start the MySQL DB during the restore (running of the backup .sh script).

I am a Oracle DBA, I have been for awhile. This had me stumped for a week, I knew that I wasn't that dumb. I just wasn't thinking it out. Once I thought it out and had a plan, everything fell into place.

I port forwarded my router from the old to the new web server. It totally flies now, very fast.

I want to say thanks for the people of XAMPP... I appreicate your hardwork, this package is almost is great is Linux. Thanks again.
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Postby rup3rt » 25. April 2007 16:49

I had the same problem, there was no httpd service or any process I could see, I tried the steps above but they failed. I tried

apachectl -k stop

then restarted lampp and it worked fine

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