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Postby green_phanta » 27. September 2006 12:22

Hi at all!!
So what I want to do: I want to make a html site, wich I want to give in my "Sites" (Mac Osx). Then someone can reach my site, with apache, in the LAN.
My problem is: Do somebody know, how can I create and html site, with video and audio and maybe upload, without .XML? Or can I use apache with xml, too?
If this is not practiceable, is der a programm for mac, with this I can make may Mac to a LAN-Server?
Thank you
greets green
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Postby Sean-Michael » 12. October 2006 18:33

You post is very vague but it sounds like you want to run on one mac the Xampp server and have others in a local area network "Maybe a School of some sort?" and allow others to access the site you design? If so I'm sure you can but you'll need to read threw some of the information here and start setting up your server'

Hope this helps!
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